Purplely Dotty Nails

I was so lucky to do my friend Courtney’s nails tonight! She didn’t care what I did so I decided some dots…LOTS of dots!



Purple Dots Nail Design

Purple Dots Nail Design

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14 thoughts on “Purplely Dotty Nails

  1. Jellie Bean says:

    These look so cute they fish scales I love it

  2. Zille says:

    How exactly did u do these? Just dots, and dots, and dots? (:

    • aphan says:

      Sorry for the late response! Yes, dots upon dots. Time consuming but worth it!! Try it out!

      • Zille says:

        Well better late than never (:
        I did try it actually, just not on the whole nail, and it worked just fine.. (:

      • aphan says:

        Thanks for understanding:) I want to see pics please! 🙂 I’m always so happy to hear when people are inspired to do nail art!! Yay!

      • Zille says:

        Well it’s not pretty like yours, because I didn’t have a dotting tool :p I like experimenting with nailpolish, it’s fun (: How do I upload a pic for u?

      • aphan says:

        I’m sure your nails turned out fine! I didn’t use a dotting tool for this design! Just the regular brush that comes with the polish 🙂 Hmm, do you have a blog? I can go and see it on there!

      • Zille says:

        I just found you on Instagram actually, my username is zillu, you can see the nails there ^^

  3. Zille says:

    Ah okay.. It seem kinda like you used a dotting tool, because the circles are so fine and round, unlike mine, which are smaller btw :p I don’t have a block, but I upload my pics on instagram, if you know what that is? (:

    • aphan says:

      If you can use a dotting tool to do this and that works, then yay! I think I found you on instagram but it’s private. Is that you? I wanna see your nails:)

      • Zille says:

        Well I just found out that a dotting isn’t that practical :p
        My account is not private, I actually found u on instagram, my username is zilleu ^^

      • aphan says:

        I found you on instagram! Ya, dotting is pretty time consuming BUT you did a great job! I love your interpretation of the bigger dots and the one with the dots placed only on the top of the nail. Seriously, GREAT job!

      • Zille says:

        Thanks, u r my inspiration ^^

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