It’s summer and I want my skull nail art now!

Yes, Halloween is a about four months away but you don’t understand…I want my skulls in every season! I had a few chips on my  Chanel Granite nails but IT’S CHANEL so I definitely needed to come up with something to prolong my nail polish. Hence, the fun skull heads and body nail design.

A week after, the ‘teeth’ on my skulls started to chip…so I prolonged my nail polish again by retouching them with ‘gold fillings’ ^_~



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2 thoughts on “It’s summer and I want my skull nail art now!

  1. Sarsha says:

    Love it! Especially the gold fillings, hahah. Awesome way to make that Chanel last longer 😉

  2. Amanda (Mae) says:

    I love it! I love Halloween it should be Halloween all year round.
    That is hysterical with the gold fillings! 🙂

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