Bay Area Toe Art

I love Nail Art. No seriously, I do.

Being Vietnamese, of course someone in my family owes a nail shop and that somebody is everybody in my family. My parents have been in the nail business for over 15 years, my aunt is a pimp and owes about five shops (and all my cousins work for her) , my two-half sisters own a shop each, my cousins all either work in a nail shop or owns one from California to Puerto Rico (surprisingly, Puerto Rice is a gold mine for nail shop owners), my older brother is in the business, my uncles are putting on your acrylics and scrubbing off your bunions and  the list goes on. Of course,  I have been exposed to this world and worked for my parents (involuntary child labor) for the most of my childhood taking off nail polish and exploring the world of Nail art.

I’ve been doing Nail art for more than 10 years but I just recently started documenting it. Right now I only have pictures of my latest work for a client. I only paint her toes and she wanted skyscrapers  on one toe and a silhouette of the Golden Gate Bridge on the other. We added little starts on her other baby toes to make everything cohesive.

I hope you enjoy it my phollowers because there’s more to come.


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